What’s Your Perfect Bouquet Based On Your Zodiaс Sign 》

Choosing the right wedding bouquet for your personality is difficult. How do you find a floral arrangement that perfectly sums up the wonderful but multi-faceted individual that makes up you and all your traits? It’s simple: let the zodiac guide you. We all love a horoscope – it gives us hope in the magic of the universe, and zodiacs often find a partner who’s compatible with you, so why wouldn’t flowers be the same?

1. Gemini

All Gemini have two sides and this should be reflected accordingly in their bouquets. Your vivacious but unique and positive energy is deserving of adding a few sprigs of eucalyptus leaves- it’s romantic but unexpected, and adds a lovely aroma that’s sure to de-stress and rejuvenate you on your big day. This form of aromatherapy is trending hard at weddings right now – you can even do a full eucalyptus bouquet if you want!

2. Aquarius

The Aquarius is full of airy brightness and represents light. To best represent your air sign, why not go with an equally buoyant color? You might consider the Queen Protea. A queen for a queen and no less! It’s large, bold, and fuchsia with a wild silhouette. It’s a surprising and funky twist on a classic look, and this is the eclectic flower to match.

3. Taurus

A Taurus is grounded, and hence needs some earthy, natural elements in their bouquet. A Taurus might love a classic option such as a red or pink rose, but a plant with a vine or a bougainvillea which has a full, rich and botanical aesthetic might be more your speed. 

4. Cancer

Blush for a blushing Cancer of course. Look for soft pinks, pastels, and other romantic shades – perhaps a melange of roses, like blush, cream, and pink. A swoon-worthy, aromatic bloom is definitely a go for this sweet and sensitive sign. Another Cancer might prefer a Dahlia, which blooms intricately and can be chosen in pastel hues, but with a more textured feel. 

5. Scorpio

The bold and fiery Scorpio isn’t afraid to speak out with her flowers, so we suggest a loud, statement color, or perhaps a blend of different colors that help you stand out. Blues and oranges are a viable option for this fire sign, as are snapdragon flowers. Cascading arrangements are very popular right now, and if you have a falling wave of brightly toned colors, you’re sure to go viral on social media the next day.

6. Libra

Libras love balance and are all about what’s fair in the world. Therefore, share all your colors equally, and make sure they have a balanced look altogether. What has more balance than a bouquet of various flowers? Succulents! They add gorgeous texture and even if they look different from each other, are all pulled together by their matching purple, green and grey colors and mesmerizing geometry. 

7. Pisces 

The traits of a Pisces include grace, patience, and kindness. For this reason, we suggest a delicate but memorable bridal bouquet such as carnations or dahlias. If flowers aren’t your thing, you can also go for lavender. It’s an elegant, calming alternative to the invigorating eucalyptus that we recommended for the Gemini. This fragrant gift from nature makes a lovely centerpiece but can also be added to other centerpieces.

8. Leo

What’s the best choice for a sunny and positive Leo? Either sunflowers or marigolds. You can also opt for sun-toned (yellow or orange) Lillies. Even if it’s not summertime, this daring and larger than life flower represents happiness and puts a smile on your face when you just see them. There’s no better option on the happiest day of your life. 

9. Capricorn

Capricorns are fire-crackers that are more about the thrills than the frills. Capricorns adore monochromatic bouquets with plenty of leaves, vines, or other green foliage that connect you to the earth around you on this important day. You could also go with the classic posy: ranunculus. The long-stemmed look can be held in hand for a rustic appearance that’s simple but breathtaking. 

10. Aries

The Aries woman is confident and takes action. She’s not afraid to stand out, so a vibrant red bloom might fit with what you’re searching for. Another way to represent that bold spirit is to incorporate anemone. It’s chic and comes in a range of pale pinks, blues, and reddish tones. It’s crisp and stylish plus it can be juxtaposed with more dark arrangements.

11. Sagittarius 

The average Sagittarius is extremely adventurous and likes to follow her own path. Optimistic and perky energy is important, as is being unconventional. The solution? Obviously hypericum berries. Completely innovative and seasonally appropriate year-round, every sign will fall in love with this beautiful choice that colors far outside the lines. You can even throw fruits in, like this babe did. 

12. Virgo

The Virgo needs a classy flower that’s a flawless instance of perfection. An orchid would be the ultimate option, and can be chosen in a variety of colors. Then again, this is also an earth sign, so lush greenery can also be added to the bouquet. Then again, the orchid on its own has a stark beauty that’s hard to deny. 

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