What The Most Memorable America’s Got Talent Stars Are Doing Now 》

Since the show’s inception, there have been many amazing contestants on America’s Got Talent. Some of the best entertainers have had the opportunity to take the stage and show the world their skills and expertise. The contestants that truly stand out have true star power and found a way to captivate the audience and make us all remember their presence. But the biggest stars to ever grace the stage –  where are they now? Did they continue on in the entertainment industry, or even make it big? Here’s a look at what the most memorable America’s Got Talent stars are doing now. 

Dave the Horn Guy

The first season ever of America’s Got Talent back in 2006 revealed some great artists and entertainers, one of which was Dave the Horn Guy. His talent was using squeezable horns, which were adorned all over his bright orange jumpsuit, and making his own interesting renditions of popular songs. Dave now lives in Scotts Valley, CA, and performs for local sporting events, churches, and schools. 


Butterscotch, also known as Antoinette Clinton was on America’s Got Talent as a talented singer and beatboxer, as well as mixing in her skill of playing the piano. She had David Hasselhoff as a judge during her audition. Butterscotch is still in the music industry and has released EPs and other volumes of music. She is also an LGBT+ activist. 

Grandma Lee

Grandma Lee was one of the best comedians to hit the America’s Got Talent stage, and won over the audience and judge Piers Morgan with her witty, off-center sense of humor. After the show, she went on tour and still performs for charities and other gigs. She was a late bloomer to comedy, but got to live her dreams for the world to see and love her act. 

Connor Doran

Connor Doran brought his unique indoor kit flying skills to America’s Got Talent back in 2011 and the crowd loved it. He used his time on the show to springboard his talent and career in public speaking. He started the Dare to Dream Program with his mother and travels to schools spreading the message of anti-bullying and encouraging kids to follow their dreams and goals. 

Professor Splash

Who knew professional bellyflopping was a thing before Professor Splash. Host Nick Cannon said then that it was one of the most dangerous acts to ever be featured on the show, and the professor required complete silence from the audience and judges to perform his harrowing act. He would bellyflop from 26 feet in the air into a kiddie pool of a foot of water. Wow! Professor Splash is still progressing in his unique field and even set a Guinness World Record for the highest shallow dive after jumping from a staggering 36 feet. 

Christian Stoinev

Acrobat Christian Stoinev amazed crowds along with his chihuahua with their gymnastics and dog trick combo act. He is still performing, and has been featured in basketball game halftime shows, for teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Piff the Magic Dragon

Dressed in a dragon suit and definitely not shy about his love of magic, Piff the Magic Dragon was actually one of the best magic acts to appear on America’s Got Talent. With his trusty magical sidekick Mr. Piffles the chihuahua, he made it all the way to the top 10. Taking full advantage of their “fifteen minutes of fame,” they became a regular act at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. They also began touring all across the United States.