This Is What Sofia Vergara Looks Like Without Makeup 》

Sofia Vergara is best known for her role as Gloria on the hit show Modern Family. Her character has a thick accent, a great sense of humor, a loving heart, and a passionate personality. She’s also known for her smoldering looks and her love of tight, figure-hugging dresses. So it’s no wonder we’re used to seeing Sofia in full glam. We rarely get to see this talented actress with a bare face. However, if you do some light googling, you’ll find out that Sofia doesn’t always have a full face of makeup on. She’s been photographed without makeup on multiple occasions and even has posted a few barefaced selfies on her Instagram. And we’ve got to say, she looks like a completely different person, in the best way possible. 

Red carpet ready Sofa Vergara is all glamorous, smokey-eyed, with sultry looks, big hair, and glossy lipstick. Casual and barefaced Sofia Vergara looks so cute and fresh, with adorable freckles and a youthful look to her face, which is quite impressive considering she’s 48. We love how Sofia can channel different looks, be all sexy and smoldering on the screen, crack jokes and be funny during interviews and look this innocent and fresh-faced without makeup. AS they say, get yourself a girl who can do both. 

1.These are makeup-less selfies that Sofia has taken. One of her laying in bed and one of her in the sun. She looks lovely in both in our humble opinion.  

2.You’ve got to love Sofia’s sense of humor, it’s something she’s been blessed with since her early years. As you can see her love of pulling faces stayed with her from her teen years until now. 

3.We all look a bit rough until we’ve finished at least one cup of coffee in the morning. And let’s be honest, sometimes it takes more than one.

4.Here are some fresh-faced photos of Sofia working out. We’re not sure if she does any strength training, but she clearly does her cardio. We do wonder if she prefers outdoor runs or ones on the treadmill. 

5.Here’s Sofia chilling by the pool in a very cute bathing suit. And also a selfie of her in bed, with smudged makeup. She still looks absolutely endearing. 

6.Even celebs have those moments when they just fully zone out for a moment, and it looks like some paparazzi managed to catch Sofia in that moment on camera.