The Incredible Transformation of Melissa Mccarthy 》

From Gilmore Girls to an unforgettable role in Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy has been quite a force in Hollywood, and she’s paved the way for future funny-women like herself. But from the days when she played Sookie St. James in Stars Hallow up to now, she’s undergone quite an impressive transformation. We’ve always rooted for this hilarious A-lister — welcome to this butterfly’s personal and professional metamorphosis.

  1. Sookie St James in Gilmore Girls

Most of us were introduced to Melissa when she played an adorable chef and BFF to Lorelei Gilmore. To this day, the actress said she has lots of nostalgic feelings and is sentimental whenever she’s back on set. But Gilmore Girls was just the beginning for this soon-to-be household name. 

2. The star of Mike & Molly
Melissa reached the next stage in her career when Gilmore Girls came to a close. It was a major show for plus-size couples and plus-size women, who face a lot of bias in society. On the show, Melissa told Entertainment Tonight that she loved how her characters had real jobs and were relatable.

3. Exploding into movie stardom

People who thought Melissa McCarthy would only reach the height of TV fame were proven sorely wrong. “Bridesmaids” was her big breakout moment, and even though she’s played a lot of great supporting roles, she became the star of big-budget movies world-wide, including Identity Thief, Spy, The Boss, Life of the Party, and more. She’s even been nominated by the Oscars for “Best Supporting Actress” and we don’t doubt that even bigger roles are headed her way in 2021 and the future.