Should Alpha Women Marry Beta Men? 》

Many times, we think of a typical relationship between a man and a woman with the male being the more dominant party. But that is not the only dynamic that exists potentially. There are many women, who are some of the more dominant people on the planet. This is what many call Alpha women. These women are very self-assured, and they know what they want. Their demeanor is usually very bold and can be intimidating to some men. The dominant nature of Alpha women can deter some men, especially men who also fall on the Alpha spectrum. This is why some studies show that a Beta man is the best option for an Alpha woman. But some others may argue that having an Alpha man is the perfect match for an Alpha woman. So, who is the right match for an Alpha woman? Is it someone who has similar energy, or the exact opposite? Read on to learn more about whether or not Alpha women should marry or date Beta men. 

There are several different reasons why women may think that dating a Beta man is not the right way to go. These same reasons would suggest that Alpha men are better suited for Alpha women. Stereotypes of Beta men paint them as weak, while stereotypes of Alpha men illustrate them as strong. Beta men are often thought of as the less of the two, so it would naturally make sense that women would lean towards Alpha men. But these stereotypes are out dated and don’t truly depict Beta men in entirety. 

In her book The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match, Dr. Sonya Rhodes discusses the varying degrees between Alpha men and Beta men. She argues that Beta men are actually great options for Alpha women. She says that Beta men “may have less interest in a leadership position than an Alpha would,” and therefore are less concerned with being in control. She further states that there is a greater probability of headbutting between Alpha men and Alpha women. These two will be in constant competition for power and control, and this predisposes them for break-ups and even divorce, according to Rhodes. 

She says that Beta men are actually “dependable, responsible, and supportive.” This is something that Alpha women need, who are usually running the show in whatever role they play in life. Having someone who is not trying to vie for power, but is willing to let the women be in the spotlight and play the supportive role can be a breath of relief in comparison to the alternative with Alpha men. Beta men are not overly concerned with being the bread winner or playing into a gender role stereotype. This does not mean that they do not earn their way through life, but that they do not solely identify their worth, and make their mates do the same, with how much money they bring to the tabe. 

This does not mean that Alpha men are not good matches for Alpha women. Dating is not a one size fits all approach. There are plenty of Alpha women who love Alpha men and likely feel fulfilled by their arrangement. But if an Alpha woman has been dating Alpha men out of subscription to the idea that it’s the only option, then Beta males might be the next type of partner she should explore. It’s all about finding what kind of energy and dominance level fits individually. But giving Beta males the chance to show their worth as a potential perfect match could just lead Alpha women to a new style of relationship they’ve never been exposed to.