Nicola Coughlan Best Bridgerton Looks 》

Bridgerton is full of different colors that represent symbols and status, and Penelope is no different. From yellow to pink to orange, there seems to be a story in Penelope’s outfits. She’s the only character that wears yellow, and even though she complains about it sometimes, yellow was one of the Regency era’s most fashionable color.  Lots of the Bridgerton story-telling is told through over the top, extravagant outfits. Just like her outfits, Penelope is complex.

And like the rest of her family (who comes from new money), Penelope’s mom is a maximalist. Think tons of ruffles, embellished details, florals, and outrageous colors. She’s a believer in the “more is more” philosophy and dresses her daughters in bold color palette because she wants them to be seen, and wants to show off their beauty. Sometimes the whole series feels like a fashion show where each person is trying to outshine the next.

We also love the representation of a plus-size queen amongst the show’s size zeros, and Nicola Coughland as a Bridgerton looks just as gorgeous as her less curvaceous counterparts. 

1. In this rare look, we see Penelope without her usual adornments of accessories. Still, her wig floral add-ons are flawless as always. This time, the dress is a mix of peachy and yellow tones that culminates in a golden sunset look which perfectly matches her red ringlets.

2. This dress also has  a sunset vibe, with sherbet undertones that remind us of the other candy-colored outfits that Penelope Featherington wears. Puffy cap sleeves adorn a patterned dress that has either levels or closed flower buds. We’re not sure which it is, but are slightly obsessed.

3. This pretty in pink look is more pastels than Penelope is used to wearing. We love the 3D floral additions on her sleeves as well as the floral centerpiece on the bust, with black lace trim. But what really pulls this outfit together is those sheer pink polka-dotted gloves. 

4. Ok, this pink is more Penelope’s normal speed. It looks lovely on her fair skin, and this time she chooses a more opaque magenta glove with frilled details. The flower detailing on this outfit is filled with rich but not overly gaudy colors, and that dazzling necklace top adds a bright and shimmery aspect to this memorable look.

5. Miss Featherington rocks a classic yellow look here as she hangs out with her bestie. As usual, it’s all-flowers-everything, with a lovely embroidered pattern and a matching necklace. Even her hair looks like a bouquet here, with a vibrant yellow feather and dreamy pink flowers.

6. The ruching on this dark yellow dress combined with that necklace really shows off Coughlan’s stunning shape. And instead of flowers, this time we get a look adorned with butterflies. Even the embroider at the bustier seems to be a massive (but subtle) butterfly thanks to a clever design.

7. OMG — this is one of the only times we see Penelope without an obviously bright color, and we’re in love with it.  Those long cream gloves and the golden embroidery make her look like an absolute queen. And that bird-of-paradise looking thing actually works as that over-the-top detail since the rest of the look is toned down. 

8. Those pink gloves make an appearance again, this time with a slightly different yellow dress. That silk shawl really adds depth, as does the elegant plume coming out of her curls. The tones on the embroidery are with expectedly flashy colors that Penelope’s mother always picks for her.

9. It feels like a breath of fresh air to see a more subtle look without all the embellishments and gaudiness. Here a sparkling necklace is the only slightly flamboyant detail on this dress, which is in a pleasantly faded yellow with fine floral details.

10. This starlet’s dresses are always on point, but what we’re consistently impressed with is her details and how well she matches her accessories. This botanical necklace is brought together with the thin vine of flowers around Penelope’s chest, and those delicate dangling earrings.

11. This is practically the only time we’ve seen Penelope in green! With romantic cap sleeves, a pretty green necklace and a headpiece made of beads, this color gives a totally different look to the usually pink or yellow Pen.

12.  This look is notable since it blends two of the colors Penelope is frequently seen in — yellow, and pink. This tine, the bustier itself features sophisticated folding, but the drama is in those ruched and ruffled sleeves, with tiny pink flowers dotting along the seams (and nestled in her hair).