Never Let Go Of A Man Who Does These 9 Things 》

Great men are hard to come by, but they do exist. And ladies, you should never settle. You can date around all you want, have some fun, but once you start moving into that serious relationship category make sure that man is up to par with your standards. He shouldn’t be just decent, he should make you feel like you’ve been struck by lightning in the best way possible. You’re worthy of someone who makes your life better, who makes you feel loved and supported and cared for. Don’t you dare settle for fine. And here are a couple of things you should have on your list for a man that’s worth keeping around.

1. He Respects You

Yes, we’re actually going to put respect first. Because love and respect are two different things and no matter what sitcoms tell you, being loved isn’t all there is. Respect is key. You want someone who thinks highly of you, respects your views, opinions, and decisions. 

2. He Loves You With All His Heart

After respect comes love, after all this is the reason you’re in a romantic relationship with this person. But you know, make sure it’s love, not just lust or attraction (those are important too, but for a serious relationship you need love).

3. You’re A Priority For Him

There are men out there, who think of having a girlfriend or partner as just a checkmark on a list of things to have. Don’t settle for that. You want someone who thinks of you as their highest priority.

4. He Can Make You Laugh

A good sense of humor is crucial for any relationship. You don’t want to spend years feeling bored. But what’s even more important is his ability to make you laugh even in the darkest of times. If he can make you smile or laugh and see the light at the end of the tunnel when the chips are down – that’s something really worth holding on to. 

5. He’s Always Supportive

We can be pretty hard on ourselves, so having someone who supports you no matter what and believes in you is crucial. If your guy is all about pointing out your flaws and mistakes when you messed up – run from him. But if instead, when you mess up, he encourages you to try again and says he’s always going to be there to support you – that’s a keeper. 

6. He Trusts You 

Trust issues are common these days, but if your man doesn’t trust you, he’s not ready for a relationship and doesn’t deserve you. You want a man who trusts you and doesn’t question you. A man who doesn’t doubt you doesn’t make you prove anything and doesn’t give you reasons to doubt him – that’s the goal.

7. He’s Good At Compromises

Compromises are necessary, but only when it comes to small things. We’re talking about dinner plans, movie choices, etc. You want a man whose general worldview aligns with yours on most things, but who’s also willing to compromise and watch Bridget Jones instead of a football game once in a while. 

8. He Adores You

A man who loves your quirks is worth keeping around. You want someone who is your biggest fan, someone who finds your weird habits adorable. A man who appreciates every little thing about you, from your impeccable style to the way your nose crinkles when you laugh. 

9. He Makes An Effort With Friends And Family

We’ve been talking a lot about how a man should treat you, but it’s equally important for him to treat your friends and family well too. After all, those are the closest and most important people in your life and he’s actively trying to get on their good side – that’s definitely a good sign.