Most Memorable 2021 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Looks 》

We weren’t sure how the Grammy’s were going to go this year. On one hand, we’re still in the middle of the pandemic, on the other hand, we already started massive vaccination. But these are celebs we’re talking about. So they donned their masks while they were in a room together, but they still shone on the red carpet with their fashionable Grammys looks. Let’s feast our eyes on the most memorable ootds from the Grammys. 

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift decided to embrace spring in a traditional way, with floral patterns. Not exactly groundbreaking but very sweet looking. She paired her Oscar de la Renta dress with pink Louboutin heels and a matching floral face mask.

Bad Bunny

We actually liked Bad Bunny’s look. The shades that match the sunflower, the cute hat, the black on black look. Haters gonna hate, but we appreciate a cute outfit when we see one. 

Harry Styles

Harry kind of gave us Clueless vibes with that yellow plaid pattern jacket by Gucci and yellow loafers. Even the purple boa was a fun touch. But the beige vest under that jacket and brown velvet trousers were a questionable choice. It kind of looked like she just put on whatever was near as he was rushing to leave. However, the stage outfit redeemed him. That leather suit with no shirt underneath and a green boa – that was a hit for us.


Lizzo gave us mermaid vibes in her green Balmain mini-dress and dripping with Bvlgari diamonds. We kind of expected more from her outfit, but she compensated for it with all the jewelry. 

Megan Thee Stallion 

Megan Thee Stalling showed up in a striking bright orange dress by Dolce & Gabbana and matching shoes. That dress is so extra we love it. Yes, Megan, rock a high slit and a massive bow detail on the back, why the hell not? Not to mention all the diamonds.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa went for a very sparkly Versace gown. It’s semi-sheer, it’s got a thigh-high slit and it’s got a butterfly design on the bodice. What’s not to like? She kind of looked like young Cher, don’t you think?

Billie Eilish

Billie showed up in head-to-toe jacquard Gucci. And we literally mean head to toe, because the only part of her that wasn’t covered was her eyes. Billie wore a matching bucket hat, mask, and fingerless gloves too. Finneas wore a pink Gucci suit and paired it with a striped shirt, matching pink mask, and black loafers. 

Noah Cyrus

You know you’ve taken a risk with your outfit when it immediately becomes a meme. Noah wore a very interesting Schiaparelli gown to the Grammys, and immediately Twitter started comparing it to a duvet, a fitted sheet that you struggle to fold up, a crumpled tissue, etc. Some people suggested that this is what a person who hoarded toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic would wear. But our favorite comparison was to a popped popcorn kernel.


If there’s one surefire way to look cool AF is to show up in a burgundy velvet Dundas suit, like H.E.R did, and accessorize with a diamond necklace and some awesome shades. Rockstar vibe achieved. 

Phoebe Bridgers

We loved Phoebe’s outfit. When in doubt, just wear what you usually wear and feel comfortable in, but make it glam. So Phoebe took the usual skeleton onesie that she wears on stage and replaced it with a glam Thom Browne one with gorgeous embellishments. 


Chika went for style and comfort and the Grammys. We loved the pastel color palette, it’s giving us spring, it’s giving us Easter Bunny, but it’s a Nike sweatsuit. The matching mask is on point too. Some might say it was too casual, but hey, we just spent a year locked up at home, do you really wanna wear a skin-tight dress or would you prefer a comfy yet cute Nike outfit?