Mom and Newborn Daughter Go Viral For Matching White Hair Streak 》

The world can have some pretty messed up beauty standards, but let’s be real. We’re all beautiful in our own way, simply due to the fact that we’re unique, and no one else on this planet looks like us. The most important thing we can teach our future generations is that we’re perfect just the way we’re born, and that we should embrace our differences. 

Meet the mother and daughter who  went viral for having matching white hair. When Mayah Aziz was born with a white streak of hair, that’s exactly what her family did. White hair is often associated with old age or albinism, but Maya was born with a condition known as piebaldism. Piebaldism is distinguished by the lack of cells known as melanocytes in the skin and hair.

This condition runs in Aziz’s family, so her mother Talyta wasn’t too surprised. But instead of hiding away her daughter’s differences, she started publicly sharing Mayah’s photos online, and people all over the world fell in love with this cherubic baby.