Memorable Moments From The US Inauguration Day 2021 》

Many have been waiting for this day for the past 4 years, and finally, it came. Joe Biden has been sworn in as the next President of the USA. It’s a new chapter for America, a new chance for the country and the world at large. To say that it’s a cause for celebration would be an understatement. So let’s take a look at some of the most memorable moments from this day.

1.Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders became an instant meme thanks to his massively oversized mittens. The story behind them is quite sweet, he was given them a few years ago by a schoolteacher who made them from repurposed wool, with a note saying “I believe in you”. But that’s not why Sanders wore them, he wore the mittens because he was cold and he’s not concerned with fashion. Such a classic Bernie moment.

2.The Obamas

These two know how to bring their A-game to any event. Both Barack and Michelle looked incredibly stylish at the inauguration. Barack wore a classic and effortlessly cool all-black look, while Michelle went for a monochromatic plum look from one of her favourite American designers, Sergio Hudson. 

3.Lady Gaga

Gaga wouldn’t be herself if she didn’t do something over-the-top. So naturally, she wore a custom Schiaparelli dress that was specially designed to look like a love letter to America. Very glamorous, very festive, we loved it. Some would say she looked like an opera singer or someone from the Hunger Games, thanks to that massive gold dove brooch she wore.