Marc Jacobs Publicly Documenting His Plastic Surgery 》

Listen, we all know that celebrities and rich people do all sorts of things to look good and stay young. But a lot of the time they do these things in secret and later on diminish the extent of what they did or deny ever having work done. In most cases, we’re just left comparing the pictures of them and speculating what work they had done. But Marc Jacobs is different. He’s all about sharing his life and apparently now this willingness to share also extends to his plastic surgery. 

Marc Jacobs chose a very interesting way to announce his plastic surgery – by posting a photo of himself on Instagram post-op, and we mean like, 1 day post-op, bandages, bruises and all. Marc Jacobs captioned it with #livelovelift, which just shows that he’s got a great sense of humor.

Since then he’s been posting photos of himself day by day, captioning them how many days post-op he is and documenting the changes that his face is going through as the swelling goes down and bruising disappears. He’s also been spending a few hours every day in a special oxygen tank which is meant to help with healing. 

He recently posted on Instagram to share that there’s an article about him and his plastic surgery in Vogue. In it, he shared that he sees no shame in plastic surgery. He says he started getting cosmetic procedures done a long time ago. It all started with Botox and fillers to keep his face looking chiseled and wrinkle-free. But he was always cautious and conservative about it, never wanting to do too much. Marc Jacobs said that one of the things that bothered him the most was his saggy loose skin (which is only natural, it’s what happens with age). To tackle that problem Marc Jacobs started getting thread lifts, but over time even those weren’t having the effect he wanted. In the end, his doctor said that they can keep doing what they’ve already been doing, but it won’t have the desired effect and it would make more sense to get an actual facelift. So Marc Jacobs agreed.

He’s pretty happy with the result so far, even though he knows that what he’s seeing right now isn’t the end result. It’ll take a few months for the swelling to go down and for him to fully recover from this surgery. But he’s eager to do everything he can to heal well. As we mentioned above, he chills in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for a few hours every day and he takes some painkillers, but he’s careful about it. Marc Jacobs has had problems with addiction before, so he had a nurse monitor his painkillers at first, to avoid taking too much, and these days he’s good with Tylenol. 

What surprised Marc Jacobs most is how people reacted to his posts on Instagram. He says he never intended to make such a huge point about transparency, he’s just living his life and sharing it, that’s it. So when he first started getting messages thanking him for such honesty and transparency about his surgery he didn’t really get it. He’s always been a pretty honest person. He also shared that this one time someone asked him why he’s wearing a hat and he actually answered that it’s because he got a hair transplant. ‘Cause, what’s the difference? It’s not like he lives his life in incognito mode, people are going to notice and there’s no point in lying. 

He says he’s at an age where he doesn’t see the point in feeling shame about cosmetic procedures. Marc Jacobs is 58 and he doesn’t look bad for his age. He says he feels no shame for being vain or wanting attention, so he shares his life with whoever is interested. 

People always gravitate towards youth and everyone wants to look young. Aesthetically it’s what most people are interested in, so why feel shame about it? There will always be products, tools, and procedures to prolong one’s youth and beauty, and Marc Jacobs sees no reason to deny yourself these opportunities. He finds it kind of ridiculous in this day and age to keep up the pretense that celebrities stay looking the same for decades because they eat well and rub olive oil on themselves. They might be doing that, or bathing in sparkling water, but that’s not why their skin is smooth and their neck is tight. It’s all nips and tucks that they keep secret because of shame. 

This is just a part of self-care for Marc. He treats it the same way he treats getting a haircut, painting his nails, wearing a cool look, and showing it off. There’s no shame in it. It makes him feel good about himself. And according to Marc Jacobs, the better you feel about yourself the better you are to others, so it’s a win-win.