Male Beauty Standards Around The World 》

Male Beauty Standards Around The World

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There are h things that make men attractive, not just abs, and you’d be surprised how those criteria differ around the world.

You might think that there is such a thing as universal standards of beauty, at least for men, but you’d be wrong. Hollywood has managed to brainwash us a little, but not to the full extent. While a certain level of fitness is welcomed in most countries, it’s far from a requirement for most of us, because we know we can’t expect everyone to have 6-pack abs at all times. But there are other things that make men attractive, not just abs, and you’d be surprised how those criteria differ around the world. What’s considered hot AF in one country, might not be attractive in another country. Let’s take a loot, shall we?


So let’s start with America as the most obvious one. We all know the type. The standard of beauty for men here is quite typical – big, strong, tall men, with visible muscles ( we’re talking big arms and ideally six-pack abs) and luscious styled hair. When it comes to fashion, the US doesn’t require much of men. A nice fitting pair of jeans with a flannel shirt or a t-shirt will do.


India’s idea of an attractive male is very apparent in Bollywood movies. Fit, muscular guys with meticulously gelled up hair and some facial hair. Unbuttoned shirts are almost mandatory to show off those pecs. Oh, and interestingly enough, Indian men are expected to get waxed, to remove excessive hair from their body.


You’d expect Vikings to be the ultimate goal, but the time of Vikings is long gone in Sweden. These days to look appealing in the eyes of Swedish ladies, men should be quite tall and slender, with blonde hair, light-colored eyes, and sharp cheekbones. Pale skin and some sadness behind those blue eyes come as a no-brainer for Swedes.


Turkish men have to work hard to be seen as attractive by the ladies. A decent fitness level is a must, so is meticulously styled hair. Turkish guys are also expected to wax off all of their chest hair, the ladies here don’t like hairy chests. What’s interesting is that girls in Turkey also like the juxtaposition of dark hair and light-colored eyes, so if you match these criteria consider yourself genetically lucky.

South Korea

South Korean criteria for male beauty differ greatly from the countries we’ve discussed so far. This is the country that rejects toxic masculinity. You won’t see big burly muscles or thick beards here. Instead, men here put a lot of effort into keeping their skin baby smooth and soft, they also care a lot about fashion and will spend good money on popular brands. Things like concealer, eyeshadow, and even lipgloss are also very much encouraged for men in South Korea. Have you seen K-pop idols? This is what guys are striving for here.

United Kingdom

We could just say that in order to impress the British ladies guys have to look like Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch. We’re talking about a nice haircut, slim build, preferably tall and not too macho. In fact, girls here like their men to be in touch with their feelings. Attractive British guys are either clean-shaven or have a slight stubble, but full-on beards are not hugely popular here. Tattoos are a nice bonus if you want some extra attention.


Australian men are considered to be some of the most attractive men in the world. Tall, muscular, and sun-kissed — what’s not to like? Think surfer guy meets Thor. However, not all Australians are as genetically gifted as Hugh Jackman or the Hemsworth brothers, so they spend a lot of time in the gym to achieve a similar look.


Italian guys have to dress to impress. You don’t have to look like a model, but you have to dress like a movie star. Women here like their men to be stylish and dressed up. Italian men are also no strangers to cosmetic procedures and manicures. Facial hair is popular here, but it has to be neatly trimmed, no wild beards allowed.