Machine Gun Kelly Launched A Nail Polish Brand 》

It seems like male celebs are not only hopping onto the nail polish trend, but actually getting so into it, they are starting their own nail polish brands. Just recently we were writing about Harry Styles starting his beauty brand that included 4 pearlescent nail polishes, and now Machine Gun Kelly is quick to follow. But Machine Gun Kelly’s nail polish collection is definitely nothing like Harry’s. 

Machine Gun Kelly is known for his incredible nails, we’ve seen him do plenty of memorable looks for his concerts, special events, etc. Whether his nails are short and black, bright red, with intricate design, or long, spiky and pink – it’s his own way of expressing his mood and his thoughts, and he’s hoping that people who buy his nail polish will use it the same way. 

Machine Gun Kelly’s nail polish brand is called UN/DN LAQR and features 10 nail polishes that you can wear year-round. The colors here are much more impactful and the names are funny too. There’s a black nail polish called “Depressionist” that’s meant to be a callback to the time Colson was still in school and would color in his nails with a black sharpie. 

The orange nail polish is titled “25 to Life” (Megan Fox named this one), the pink one is called “Slippery When Wet”, the green one is “Mary Jane”, a white one is called “Blank Canvas” and grayish one –“Writer’s Block”. You get the gist. The names are fun. You can buy these nail polishes separately or in little collections of three that have their own titles. For example, a collection of three splatter nail polishes is called “Lucid Dream Look”. And the tagline of his brand is “don’t huff the paint”. 

Machine Gun Kelly says he wants these nail polishes to be accessible to everyone and make them a medium for people’s self-expression. It’s not about getting it perfect, it’s all about using your nails as your canvas and unleashing your creativity. 

He also says that he hopes nail polish can be of help to the introverts (who he writes his music for). Machine Gun Kelly’s pretty shy when it comes to starting conversations, and he found that having his nails done usually was a pretty good conversation starter. Even if you’re just grabbing a coffee, the barista might comment on your nails and there you go, that’s a little conversation starter.