Love Story of Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch 》

When it came out that Jacob Busch and Rebel Wilson were a thing, fans automatically became obsessed. The two went public in September, and after just months of going official on IG, they’ve split. Of course, we’re disappointed that the funny woman wasn’t able to find “the one” in Jacob. But we fell in love with them while they fell in love with each other, so let’s take a walk down memory lane.

The 40-year-old shared a new photo on IG, calling herself a “single girl” and showing off her svelte, post weight loss body in a denim dress and cardigan. She went public with Busch, who is over 10 years younger than her, on IG when the two boarded a helicopter together. They did so with stars Kate Beckinsale and Helen Mirren by their sides. Then, they showed up on the red carpet together for the Monte-Carlo Gala For Planetary Health, which took place in Monaco.

I mean…going on a date with a dreamboat in the wealthiest country in the world isn’t a bad experience. Apparently, the two were glued to each other all night and looked fabulous, with Rebel Wilson in a metallic Rene Ruiz Collection gown, while her beau wore a smart tuxedo. 

They met through mutual friends at a Hollywood party, which automatically made them more trusting of each other.  They had their first date at a seafood restaurant called Catch in Santa Monica, California. One month later, we saw pics of them seeing the musical Cats together. They met in 2019, and let the world know about their love in 2020. Right before they met, she told Good Morning America that she needed to get more life into her life and might need help in the area.

First, they self-quarantined in different countries. It does make us feel a little better to know that COVID affects celebrities just like the rest of us. Busch stayed in LA, while Wilson remained at her home in Australia. When they reunited in California, the relationship advanced, and a source told Hollywood Life that “being so far apart helped them get closer because their lives were slowed way down and they had all this time to really get to know each other.” Throughout quarantine, they talked every day (through an insane time difference) and seriously bonded.

Jacob Busch apparently has “very old school manners” according to another source, and he’s supported her on her fitness journey. Rebel embarked on a “Year of Health” where she aimed to lose 165 pounds, which began when she was filming Cats.  It seemed like at one point, these two really had sparks. She posted an IG photo in October 2020 with the innuendo-filled caption “We do lots of exercise together.” Followed by a tongue-out emoji!

According to sources, Jacob was the first guy she met who was a complete match for her humor and personality, and wasn’t intimidated by her success, as he had his own. His great, great grandfather started the beer brand Anheuser-Busch back in the 1800s, which now owns Budweiser and Stella Artois. In 2017, Jacob himself started Barrels & Sons Brewery, as well as a dairy-free ice cream company in LA called Napp’s. The two are both worth millions, although Wilson’s come from more humble beginnings and only gained her wealth after starring in multiple blockbuster films. 

Both Rebel and Jacob clearly have entrepreneurial spirits and enjoyed traveling when they were a couple.

On social media, we frequently saw them post images of sunny vacations in Mexico, and ski trips to Aspen, where they hit the slopes hand in hand. 

The two of them both have dated people in the industry. Jacob’s famous ex is RHOBH star Adrienne Maloof, while Rebel once dated Hollywood stuntman Aden Stay.  It’s clear that dating older women is not new territory for Jacob. Adrienne was 52 at the time, while Busch was just 24.

Before meeting Busch, Wilson apparently dated as many people as possible to gain experience in love. She admits that she’s inexperienced in love, and her character in Isn’t It Romantic  wasn’t that far off from real life. 

She tried hard, and she found love. Unfortunately, it just didn’t last. I mean, her life is literally a romantic movie — Busch was a real-life Disney prince if we’ve ever seen one. Still….their ending hasn’t been written yet. Maybe he’ll win her back one of these days, or perhaps a new admirer will catch her eye!