Helena Bonham Carter And Her Unique Street Style 》

Helena Bonham Carter is no stranger to playing weird characters, in fact, we’d go as far as to say that she’s quite a character herself. She has a very interesting manner of speaking, most of the time she wears her hair in a rather messy and voluminous hairdo and hairstyle and she always stands out at red carpet events thanks to her unique style. But if you’re a fan of Helena Bonham Carter, you’ll know that she’s quite eccentric in real life too, even when she’s far away from the glitz and glam of Hollywood and camera flashes and red carpets, she still dresses in a very peculiar way. We mean peculiar in the best way possible. 

Helena has a style of her own and we’d like to share some of her best street looks here. Keep in mind that even Helena knows that she’s got that “too much” gene that makes her put on all the things at once. In the past, her partner would always ask her to take off a few items of clothing before she went outside because she really could put on a few too many things. We think it’s charming and eccentric and we’re all for self-expression, so here are some of Helena’s kooky outfits that we like the most. 

1.Here you can see Helena Bonham Carter on the streets of central London, celebrating Freddie Mercury’s birthday. Love the mustache, but her overall outfit is also on point while staying rather casual. 

2.Helena’s clearly partial to this coat, she likes to wear it a lot and she often pairs it with a fluffy scarf. The sunglasses and the hairdo also compliment the look and she just looks hella cool, don’t you think?

3.She’s also a big fan of hats, and we’re not talking beanies. No, those are for people who listen to Coldplay. When Helena Bonham Carter wears hats she goes big.

4.Floral dresses and scarves are also a common outfit staple for her, but she always pairs them with something like a cardigan or some military boots, so make the whole look more grungy instead of just floral and girly.

5.Helena is all about layers and she often wears outfits that have some Victorian elements to them. This coat, hat, and white dress combo is very cute.

6.If you saw this outfit on anyone else it probably wouldn’t look the same, but on Helena, it just works. Turns out you can wear a massive red floral skirt with a black jacket and a gingham scarf and some sort of fingerless glove situation and look badass if you’re Helena Bonham Carter. 

7.We’re gonna go on record here and say that Helena is the queen of awesome coats. She just knows how to pick them. Look how great this one is? And what’s that peeking out from underneath? Yup, that’s a floral dress. 

8.This might be cheating, this is clearly an outfit for some sort of TV interview, but we just had to include it. That velvet coat, that awesome dress with mesh elements, it’s too good not to show off. 

9.Same dress, completely different vibe. It seems like Helena just wears dresses year-round if she likes them.

10.And now we’re onto her love of tartan things. She looks amazing in them, like a punk princess. It’s quite a minimalistic look for Helena, but we’re into it. 

11.It looks like it’s the same dress, but now with a green cardigan on top and a belt and it’s a whole different outfit. We love how creative she gets with her clothes.

12.Even on a school run, she looks fabulous, that polka dot dress just looks so fun. At this point, we’re pretty sure that it’s her hair that pulls all of these looks together, but hey, whatever works.

13.Another super stylish street look from Helena Bonham Carter, we don’t know how she does this, but she looks so effortlessly cool.

14.The colors, patterns, shapes, and textures shouldn’t make sense in this outfit, but as always, Helena does what she does best and looks eccentric and cool.