Gwen Stefani’s Transformation Through The Years 》

Ageless rock star Gwen Stefani has had tons of transformations throughout her life, from relationships, to sense of style, and career. This icon has somehow managed to stay relevant from the 1980s days of No Doubt to her new future in reality television and relationship with a country singer.

Gwen’s beginnings

Gwen Stefani grew up in Fullerton, California. Her older brother Eric Stefani was a keyboardist, and when she was 17, he invited her to join his ska band called No Doubt in 1986. This was the very beginning of Gwen as we know her today. 

Gwen always told people that her big bro was a classic overachiever, while she always followed in his lead. Even though she soon gained popularity in this band, she lived with her parents until she was 25! We get it, though — she always said her parents encouraged creativity, and made it fun.