Gorgeous Flower Tattoos You’ll Actually Love Forever 》

Flower tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos out there. Why is that? Our best guess is that flowers are pretty and very versatile. If you were ever interested in botany or talked to a florist you’ll know that every flower has a specific characteristic and meaning, and it can be used in various ways. So getting a flower tattoo can serve both as a gorgeous permanent decoration for your body and hold a secret meaning if you wish so. Here are a few flower tattoo ideas and some explanations as to what certain flowers can symbolize.

1. Mimosa is a bright yellow flower that often represents the sun and symbolizes love and safety. It’s also generally known to be a symbol of secret love, that only you know about.

2. Sunflower is a symbol of loyalty and adoration, which makes it a popular choice for friendship tattoos. It’s also a very bright and cheerful flower in case you just want a tattoo of something that will make you smile.

3. Freesia is not only a gorgeous and delicate flower that will look equally good on your arm, shoulder, collarbone or anywhere, but it’s also a symbol of innocence and friendship.

4. Daffodils bloom in the spring, they emerge from the snow and signify hope and resilience. They are a symbol of rebirth and strength.

5. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of renewal and optimism. Since cherry trees blossom in early spring and their blooming season is so short they’re also often described as a perfect metaphor for the transience of time.

6. Daisies are one of those overlooked flowers, you rarely see people buying daisies or including them in bouquets, but whenever you see them in the wild you always want to pick them. According to Celtic legends daisies are meant to bring people joy and symbolize purity.

7. Primrose flowers are a representation of young love and bashfulness and they come in many colors, but evening primrose is the rarest of them all and is a very pretty shade of blue.

8. Thyme is not just a herb you can use to make your dishes tastier, it’s also a beautiful little flower. The word “thyme” is said to have originated from the Greek word for “courage”, so this flower is a symbol of bravery.

9. Venus Flytrap is certainly an original tattoo idea. We all know it’s a carnivorous plant, but few people know that it symbolizes persistence and that it actually blooms. The flytraps are red and green, but the flowers are white and grow tall above the flytraps on long stems.

10. Floral sleeves are also a great option if you don’t want to pick just one flower in particular. You can combine flowers, leaves, and berries into a gorgeous botanical sleeve.

11. Sweet Pea symbolizes blissful pleasure. It’s also a flower that when gifted is meant to represent kindness, friendship, good wishes, and goodbyes.

12. Chrysanthemum symbolizes love and rebirth, lasting love and joy. It’s a flower that’s perfect for representing someone’s birthday or to signify the birth of a child.

13. When choosing a flower tattoo colors are probably even more important than the meaning behind a flower, so think about that and how it’s going to work with your style and your wardrobe.

14. Another thing to keep in mind is the tattoo artist’s style. Not every tattoo artist can or wants to do hyper realistic botanical tattoos, but that doesn’t mean they can’t create some of the most mesmerizing flower tattoos.

15. And finally remember that tattoos can be just fun, they don’t necessarily have to mean anything or be super serious and important. Sometimes it’s just a pretty accessory and that’s absolutely fine.