Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s Complete Relationship 》

Recently, famous A-lister couple Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik broke the internet following a serious altercation between Zayn and Hadid’s mother, Yolanda. After 6 years of being on and off, these beautiful humans have finally broken up. Although it was hidden from the public, these two had a seriously toxic relationship according to sources. But before they got to this place, we can’t forget that they were once very much in love. Here’s a look at Gigi and Zayn’s whirlwind of a relationship, from being young and passionate kids to become parents to their one-year-old daughter.

August 2015 

In the summer of 2015, right after Milk left his band and went solo, he also decided that his relationships should be going in a different direction. He broke up with Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, and according to her, did so over text message. Talk about a red flag!

November 2015 

Right as Zayn got back on the market, the lovely Hadid split from another boy band hottie, Joe Jonas. They only dated for 5 months, unlike Zayn’s 4-year relationship, and it was mostly due to conflicting schedules. 

The same month, Malik and Hadid attended an after-party, and a source revealed that the two were casually dating. After pictures were taken of them leaving Bieber’s AMA after party that year, many people speculated that they were starting to date. 

While this new couple was photographed holding hands all over LA, the reality remains that Hadid had broken up with Jonas merely weeks before. Jonas wasn’t happy after the pics came out, and said he thought it was “interesting” that she moved on so fast. He then unfollowed both of them on his social media, and even deleted a picture of him and Malik together. 

December 2015

Are you even a real couple if you don’t make it IG official? In December 2015, they shared a cozy black and white photo on IG. Post breakup, it’s now deleted.

January 2016

On Malik’s birthday, Gigi posted a pic with her wearing a Z necklace, which we can only assume stands for Zayn. The caption read “ZDAY.” The same month, she starred in his music video for “Pillow Talk”, where their steamy chemistry was undeniable. This entire winter, she kept posting pics of Zayn snuggling up with her kitty cat. 

April 2016

The two appear as a couple in a Vogue shoot which was shot in Naples, Italy. Mario Testino photographed the gorgeous couple in bed, kissing on a balcony, and riding a scooter. In April they also attended the Met Gala, marking the couple’s first red carpet debut. 

June 2016

This marked the first on and off moment for the couple. They broke up for a hot minute, but sources say it didn’t seem “totally over” and after showing some public affection out in NYC, they rekindled after Zayn continuously apologized and asked for another chance. Apparently, he was caught lying and the couple was fighting all the time, making honesty a major issue in the relationship.

January 2017

Fans see Hadid wearing a diamond ring, as well as a new hand tat on Zayn that read “Love.”

July 2017

Here, the couple graced the pages of Vogue again — this time on the cover. Still, people thought it was bizarre that the mag called the couple part of a new generation “embracing gender fluidity” especially when neither of them have come out as gender-fluid. 

March 2018

This marks the couple’s second breakup. It seemed like they were just celebrating Halloween as Felicia Hardy and Spider Man. But sadly, in 2018, they split due to work conflicts, and each released respectful, mature breakup statements. 

April 2018 

Just a month later, they were photographed in NYC showing PDA, and in May, E! News reported that Malik wanted Gigi back, but the model was unsure of starting up a relationship again. A month later, they two were back on, but didn’t want to put a “label” on their relationship. Zayn reportedly had a negative outlook on life, but said that Gigi helped him look at things from a more positive perspective. In October of that year, the couple was officially back together.

January 2019

Don’t hold your breath though  — in January of 2019, they broke up once again due to Malik’s issues. Gigi started playing the filed and was seen on dates with Tyler Cameron of “The Bachelorette.” But that soon fizzled out  — you can probably see where things are headed again with this pattern.

October 2019

Like all toxic relationships go, even after breaking up multiple times, these two were back in each other’s arms. By December, she was back in the kitchen cooking with Zayn’s mom, and the two seemed closer than ever. 

April 2020

When COVID-19 hit, Gigi hunkered down for her 25th birthday with Malik and her family, who were all quarantining together. That same month, the couple announced their pregnancy, and Yolanda said she felt “blessed.” 

September 2020

With an adorable pic of Zayn holding their baby’s hand, it was official. Zayn and Gigi officially had a baby girl in their lives, via a natural home birth. In January of the new year, the couple announced that they had named their daughter Khai.

October 2021

And here we are today with a less than happy ending. The couple is permanently headed to Splitsville after shocking reports came out that Malik had “struck” Yolanda Hadid, which he denied and declined to comment on. He also apparently verbally harassed her and pushed her into a dresser. 

He didn’t contest, and took a plea deal where he is now on probation and has to go to anger management classes as well as a domestic abuse supervision program. Apparently, the fight happened after Gigi was traveling and Yolanda entered Zayn’s home. We still don’t know what started the fight.