Female Stand-Up Comedy Specials That Will Make You Cry Laugh 》

Male comedians have enough time in the spotlight, we’re not even going to bother putting them in the mix. We’re not splitting this 50/50. No, this is all about female comedians. So if you’re all about funny, witty, smart women that can make you cry with laughter and choke on your snacks from laughing too hard – you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best comedy specials you should definitely watch.

1. Hannah Gadsby – “Douglas”

Such a brilliant comedy special. Hannah is witty, hilarious, and her point of view on life will surprise and amuse many, while at the same time making you feel seen, heard, and understood. We don’t know how she manages to be so relatable while talking about being so different and having such a unique mind. “Douglas” is a wonderful show that will make you chortle at every single joke she makes. And if you haven’t seen “Nanette”, we envy you, because that means you’ve got two brilliant comedy specials to watch.

2. Ali Wong – “Baby Cobra”

Ali Wong did something in her 2016 comedy special that we’ve never seen before. She took the stage heavily pregnant, in a tiny mini dress, and told the filthiest jokes you can imagine. This woman has no filter and we absolutely love it. And once you’re hooked on this show, you’ll want to watch her newer comedy special “Hard Knock Wife”, which is just as good. 

3. Tig Notaro – “Happy To Be Here”

If you like your comedy to be minimalist, deadpan, and sarcastic – Tig is your kind of woman. We love how she can just quietly comment on something and make you laugh out loud. She’s silly and aloof, but she also isn’t afraid to touch upon difficult topics in an amusing and funny manner without seeming insensitive or overbearing. 

4. Wanda Sykes – “Not Normal”

Do you find yourself thinking “this isn’t normal” a couple of times a week? We’ve all been there. Especially with the year, we’ve had. Wanda Sykes is on the same page with you, she will point out so many things in life that are not normal (in the most hilarious way possible), you’ll come away from this special with a whole new worldview.

5. Jenny Slate – “Stage Fright”

Technically this is a documentary. It’s Jenny’s comedy special, with bits of family and friends interviews, home videos, and everything you need to know not only who Jenny is, how she came to be and what made her into a hilarious and talented woman standing on stage telling jokes. 

6. Jen Kirkman – “ I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine)”

This comedy special is timeless because it’s based on something many of us have thought about. It’s not about a specific time or place, it’s about a state of mind. In her comedy, special Jen talks about marriage, divorce, aging, and many other disappointing things, but makes it funny as hell. 

7. Katherine Ryan – “Glitter Room”

Katherine Ryan has this wonderful ability to be both self-deprecating and inspiring at the same time. Her jokes will make you want to care less about what others think of you, do more of what makes you happy, and just be unapologetically yourself 100% of the time.

8. Chelsea Peretti – “One of the Greats”

Yes, you probably know her as Gina from Brooklyn 99. She’s already the funniest person on that show, but once you see her comedy special you’ll wish for a spinoff of Brooklyn 99 that’s just Gina. Or just a whole new show starring Chelsea Peretti. 

9.Christina P – “Mother Inferior”

Christina’s views on childhood, pregnancy, giving birth, and parenthood are refreshing and unfiltered. She will drag you, and you will love it. She’s smart and witty and her comedy special is exactly what you need.