Elderly Celebs In Swimsuits, But It’s Not A Professional Photoshoot

We bet you’ve seen quite a lot of photos of celebrities in swimsuits. But a lot of the time, what we see are either absolute fails or pictures of young celebrities looking insanely good – there’s no in-between. But neither is good for us. Fails are posted to embarrass the person and get a laugh at the expense of someone, while the photos of young super-fit celebs just perpetuate the unrealistic beauty standards. So today we thought we’d show you some photos of older celebrities in swimsuits. Some of them look very impressive for their age, and some just look normal. But either way, it’s good to see that celebs age too, and all bodies are normal. Anybody can be a beach body and you shouldn’t feel like you need to cover up based on your age, shape, or any other reason.

1. Carmen Lomana

2. Goldie Hawn

3. Nicole Kidman

4. Sarah Jessica Parker