Celebrity Dads Over 50 That Prove It’s Never Too Late To Have Kids 》

Due to their workload, filming schedule, and career growth, many celebrities simply don’t have enough time for a healthy, long-lasting relationship, not to mention raising kids. Therefore, such busy stars, especially the most wanted ones, tend to get married much later, and accordingly, their potential children are born when the dad looks more like a grandpa.

Here are 9 celebrity dads over 50 that prove it’s never too late to have kids.

1. Steve Martin

Steve Martin, known for such hits as Cheaper by the Dozen and Father of the Bride, became an actual father for the first time when he was 67 years old. His wife Anne Stringfield, who at that time was 41, gave birth to a lovely baby daughter, who remains Steve’s only child. He was afraid that fatherhood would have ruined his career.