Are Dua Lipa and FKA Twigs in a Love triangle With a Netflix Star 》

Dua Lipa is pretty much the definition of an “IT girl” in 2022 — she’s gorgeous, coming out with multiple hit singles, and Jack Harlow even wrote a song about her. Now, there’s another fascinating tidbit about the stunning pop singer that you need to know, and it has to do with her dating life. 

Back in the summer of 2019, Lipa and her boyfriend at the time, Isaac Carew, attended the met Gala together in Versace. Her bae was a smoldering chef and model, yet this was one of their only public appearances. After first getting together in 2013, their long yet on-and-off romance finally fizzled out in 2019. 

While she was getting over her ex, Lipa daed LANY frontman Paul Klein. The relationship lasted five months before the two of them decided to call it quits. In recent times, she was associated with Anwar Hadid. This relationship got pretty serious — the two celebs moved into a New York City apartment together by September 2019, making their first public red carpet appearance just two months later at the American Music Awards

In a revealing interview with Rolling Stone back in 2021, Lipa discussed why she believed the relationship between her and Anwar was special. She was quoted saying that she was more comfortable in the relationship than with others. Sadly, this relationship also came to an end and both parties seem to have moved on without any bitter feelings. 

Still, it doesn’t seem that Dua Lipa stays single for long. She was recently caught in a love triangle scandal with actor Aron Piper in a Madrid nightclub. This took place during the midst of her “Future Nostalgia” tour, and since the blurry and steamy clip depicts these two gorgeous humans making out, dating rumors were sparked. Aron Piper plays Anders in the hit Netflix show Elite. 

Then, fans were confused when the next day, singer FKA Twigs posted a video on her TikTok page of her making out with Piper. Some people think that FKA posting the video was a promotion move on behalf of her latest single “Killer”. Dua Lipa and Twigs also have a new unreleased song titled “Why Don’t You Love Me”. The song first premiered at Lipa’s virtual Studio 2054 performance.

Discussing the track with Zane Lowe during an Apple Music 1 session, Twigs commented, “I think there’s actually no reason why we haven’t finished it. I don’t even have a reason. I’ve been busy doing the mixtape, but maybe I’ll give Dua a little call. Maybe it’s something that we need to. Yeah, we’ll do it. Yeah, we will. We will do it. We’ll do it. We’ll do it. We’ll do it. Yeah. There’s no reason. I have no explanation. I feel like I’m in school, you know when your teacher tells you off and you just have no reason for why you didn’t do your homework?”

Are the three of them in a secret relationship? Are they battling for the love of this hunky Netflix star? Or is it all just a publicity stunt for the sake of boosting numbers when their songs release? As of today, it’s all still a mystery. 

Of course, social media had a meltdown as this information was released. A Twitter user hilariously commented, “Ok hot but this is NOT the Dua Lipa × FKA Twigs collab the gays were asking for.” 

Another commented, “The Dua Lipa, FKA Twigs and Aron Piper situation is literally an elite episode.” Yet another wrote, :”WASNT THIS MAN JUST W DUA LIPA? LMFAOOO ARON GETTING TOSSED AROUND”.

We wouldn’t disagree — the whole thing is juicy drama, especially when you add in the factor that FKA has reportedly been dating Matt Healy of The 1975 for the past couple of years. While none of the involved parties have spoken out yet about the videos and they could just be having a good time together, we can’t wait to get more updates about this steamy and surprising chain of events. If they both really are newly single ladies, let them live their best lives!