Anna Faris Transformation Through the Years 》

Anna Faris has always been one of our favorite starlets because even through the fame, she’s maintained her hilarious and grounded nature that she entered the industry with. Born in Baltimore, Faris eventually moved to LA, where she garnered attention for her adorable sense of humor and relatability to us normals. See how far Faris has come over the years in her humble and inspiring life story. 

She grew up with a healthy childhood

Anna Faris’s upbringing is quite normal and humbling. Her mom was a special education teacher, while her father was a college administrator. Her brother grew up to be a UC Davis sociology professor. At age 6, Faris started taking drama classes. Still, she admits to being an “awkward” child who wore headgear, which is where her down-to-earth vibe comes from.

A tomboy with a love for snakes and bugs

Some girls might freak out at the sight of an insect or reptile, but Anna Faris grew to love mother nature, especially since she was raised in the naturally breathtaking Washington State and frequently hiked in the mountains. She even collects bugs as a hobby nowadays!

She dropped acting in college

Imagine if the world wasn’t blessed with this blond and lovable funny-girl. It almost happened when she went to university. Though she cites her parents as being supportive, she considered quitting when she attended the University of Washington. The reason? She thought she would never make it, and that a more realistic bet would be to work at an ad agency as a receptionist. Well, Anna, you were sorely mistaken!

Scary Movie was her big break

The “Scary Movie” franchise was her claim to fame. In a way that’s perfectly fitting for this actress, she got her start in horror like many, but this one had a spoof twist that was perfect for Anna’s unique brand of comedy. After the first film’s resounding success, she became an in-demand actress with roles in films like “Just Friends” and “Brokeback Mountain.”

She got plastic surgery after her first divorce

Many people don’t know this about the actress, but Anna Faris got married before Chris Pratt to a man called Ben Indra. Post-divorce four years later, she got a breast augmentation, admitting she “wanted to fill out a bikini”. We don’t think this makes her any less of a feminist, and in fact commend her openness about getting cosmetic surgery. 

Then she met Chris

In 2009, Anna met her future husband Chris Pratt as they filmed “Take Me Home Tonight”. She broke up with her husband after filming, and fell into a relationship with her “soul twin” Chris Pratt. The two were visibly in love, and Pratt even called it fate, as the two grew up 20 minutes from each other, but only met years later in LA.

She gained 70 pounds in pregnancy and didn’t care

After being married to Chris Pratt for some time, Anna got pregnant. Their son, Jack Pratt, was born in 2012. Anna says that she gained 70 pounds during pregnancy, and called it “incredible” as well as the time in her life when she enjoyed food the most. We love her body positive attitude and how she hasn’t given into Hollywood’s weird body standards.

She admits there’s no such thing as the perfect mom   

Anna Faris does her best to be supermom, but knows that as human beings, we all have our limitations. Like many moms, she juggles motherhood and career. Faris feels more in control at work, but at home, still hasn’t solved it all. It helps to know that even celebrities with unlimited resources have struggles just like the rest of us.

She began her own podcast

In 2015, Faris started her own podcast called “Unqualified”, where she chats with chefs, actors, and even her own family. It’s an exploration of other worlds, but is also a secret window into Faris’s personal life. Apparently, she was inspired by the podcast “Serial.” I mean, who isn’t?

The Chris Pratt divorce was conscious uncoupling, not drama

Although people always want to conjure up a dramatic story when it comes to Hollywood break-up, the divorce between Chris and Anna was actually rather cordial. In 2017 they announced their amicable split, and the worst part of the divorce was apparently the constant tabloid gossip and paparazzi. In reality, this family is full of genuine connections and love. In recent times, Anna got serious with cinematographer Michael Barrett, while Pratt is now going to be a dad with wifey Katherine Schwarzenegger.

She was terrified when her memoir came out post-divorce

Releasing an autobiography can be a daunting task, especially after you’ve had an internationally publicized divorce. The book was titled the same as her podcast, “Unqualified”, and talked about everything from her relationships to plastic surgery choices.

Anna Faris stole hearts in “Overboard” reboot

Although she’s played many notable roles through the year, her performance in the 2018 “Overload” reboot earned her praise, and was a hot role to get, given that the original was played by Goldie Hawn. Goldie even gave Faris her personal blessing. This reboot was innovative in that the 2018 version flipped the gender of the leads.

Faris said goodbye to “Mom” after 7 seasons

Her longest running role was one played besides iconic actress Allison Janney — honestly, could you ask for a better acting mentor? The comedy was a welcome reprieve from reality for many TV viewers, who became quite bonded to this mother-daughter duo. Still, she decided to move on in 2020, though she called “Mom” the “most fulfilling and rewarding” years of her career. 

She’s embracing aging in her new chapter

Unlike many actresses in Hollywood who try to hold onto an unattainable fountain of youth, Anna Faris is always about staying realistic and not sweating the aging process. After over 20 years of acting, she’s experienced a rich and fulfilling career. In 2021, she can flourish without worrying if the media will pick her apart — because she doesn’t care. Now that’s freeing!