All Of Milo Ventimiglia’s Famous Exes 》

If you’re a human being who’s into hunky men, you probably know who smoldering celeb Milo Ventimiglia is. From his 2001 breakout role in “Gilmore Girls” to playing a zaddy with values in “This Is Us,” this actor has had his share of famous exes throughout the years. Right now, the 44-year-old actor is single, and it’s given us a chance to reminisce on his trend of dating costars, resulting in high-profile romances. Maybe that’s why they don’t last! But the star has admitted himself that he dedicates himself to his work fully, and his work always comes as the first priority to everything else in his life.

Either way, we wish him luck in his future romances, and in doing so, let’s take a look back at all his past, famous lovers.

1. Alexis Bledel

From on-screen baes to real life lovers, Alexis and Milo dated for over three years before their ultimate demise in 2006. Although we never learned the complete reason for the breakup, it was definitely a red flag when Milo’s rep at the time told the tabloids he was “currently single”, yet according to Bledel, the two had discussed marriage. Still, they’re on good terms today, and she went on to marry her fellow “Mad Men” colleague Vincent Kartheiser, who she has a child with.

2. Emmy Rossum

The “Shameless” star is said to have linked up with Milo back in February 2007. But after they were seen making out at the 2007 Oscars, many people commented that the dynamic between the two was more of a fling than a relationship.

3. Hayden Panettiere

Milo definitely has a thing for young, pretty lil’ things, but there was always drama surrounding this relationship, which started when she was only 18, and he was almost 30. Due to that 12 year age difference, they were always scrutinized by others, and things fizzled out in 2009. Ironically, he even admitted his mistakes in dating co-stars.

4. Jaimie Alexander

Back in 2009, striking actress Jaimie Alexander of “Kyle XY” was spotted with rumored boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia. Since Milo is so tight-lipped about his girlfriends, we have minimal info on this romance.

5. Isabella Brester

After Jaimie, Milo moved on with Isabella Brewster, a talent agent and the sister of “Dallas” actress Jordana Brewster. Although this relationship didn’t last as long as his other more high-profile ones, they did take a little trip around California, including a visit to Disneyland where they bought mouse ears and showed PDA. They were also seen in 2010, but took their hands off each other after noticing the paps snapping pics.

6. Kelly Egarian

Though she’s not on the same level as the A-listers on this roundup, Egarian has still made quite a name for herself as Stella McCartney’s marketing coordinator. Though they didn’t walk the 2017 Emmy red carpet together, they did sit together during the ceremony, and attended a dinner at the Governor’s Ball, where they danced and kissed all night. Unfortunately, that was the first and last time they were seen together.

7. Diane Guerrero

This “Orange is the New Black” beauty was spotted getting Mexican food and ice cream in Los Angeles in 2019. However, it was reported that they were just friends, disappointing many of Milo’s fans. They would make an adorable couple, so we still have our fingers crossed that this could happen one day.

Although Mandy Moore is married with kids, he does have a habit of romancing his co-stars, so we might just see a Milo-Mandy moment in the future. I mean, just look at their onscreen chemistry in “This Is Us”.