9 Signs You Love Your Partner More Than He Loves You 》

Finding love is a beautiful thing, but it’s not always easy. While we’d all like to think that love is completely equal in a partnership, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, we put more effort into a relationship than our partners, and that unfortunately is the result of us loving our partner more than they love us back. 

Mutual love is nothing short of a miracle, but what if you love him more than he loves you? If you’re on the same path together, some might argue that it doesn’t matter if the relationship dynamic shifts in one direction. Still, there are some telltale signs if you do want to know if the playing field is even. Here are some signs that you might be more head over heels for him than he is for you. 

1. You find you don’t get as much in return

If you’re always the one being generous and initiating acts that aren’t reciprocated, this could be a sign. From buying presents to cooking and even bedroom habits, if you find that your love is never reciprocated, it might be time to admit that you love your partner more than they love you.

2. You’re willing to miss out on time with friends and they’re not

If you’re usually the one willing to ditch friends or cancel plans and your bae is reluctant, they could have the upper hand. You’re canceling because you want to spend more time with your lover or will think of them the whole night out, but they might not be as flexible on missing out on time with friends. Just to clarify: healthy time away from the relationship with friends is always important. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

3. You know more about him than he knows about you

Showing interest in a partner’s life and retaining information is important if you really love them. But if your significant other knows a lot less about you than you know about them, it could be a sign that you care more. The same sentiment goes if your partner isn’t willing to be open about their lives outside of the relationship.

4. You always take the initiative

From bringing up proposals to setting up dates with your partner, if you’re always the planner, it means that you care more. Planning around your busy life takes effort, and it should be a two-way street in your relationship. You deserve to get surprises, dinner dates, and vacations that bae puts effort into, just like that effort you put in.

5. He doesn’t talk about you in his future

When you’re truly head over heels for someone, you envision them in your future right? If he doesn’t include you in the conversation about his future, that means he doesn’t see you in it. While you might be fantasizing about your future marriage, kids, and all the other things in the years ahead, his exclusion of you could mean that you love him more, and even worse, that you’re not a major priority in his life. 

6. His dreams always come first

Both of you should care about what the other person is passionate about. If you’re always supporting his dreams but he discourages you, you’re definitely putting in more love. Everyone deserves to have a partner that supports their dreams — in fact, your boyfriend or girlfriend should be your #1 cheerleader!

7. You’re willing to comprise, they’re not

You don’t always get what you want in a relationship. Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices or meet someone in the middle. If your partner isn’t willing to budge for the two of you to work together, it may mean that he doesn’t care enough to make a compromise. If you’re willing to sacrifice your own vision of happiness for the greater good of being together and your partner isn’t, you’re not headed down a good road. 

8. They’re not there when you need them

If your partner is always flaking on you and not showing up when you need them, it’s a red flag. Are you willing to drop everything just to support your partner? That’s what real love is. If you need them for comfort, advice, or just a shoulder to cry on and they’re mysteriously never there or tell you it’s not a big deal, that’s not great. Love is all about showing up for another person, at the end of the day. 

9. They forget big days that are important to you

Whether it’s a family engagement, your birthday plans, or celebrating an anniversary with your boyfriend, if those dates mean something to you and he doesn’t even remember what day of the month they are, you may be more invested. Celebrating big moments together can help a couple bond further and keeps the relationship strong. A lack of caring about them means a lack of caring — period.