9 Essential Wardrobe Pieces For Curvy Women 》

While there is a lot of information about wardrobe essentials for each season and we constantly hear about the constantly changing trends, we believe it’s more important to build your wardrobe around what makes you look best. Here’s a list of 10 essential items that should serve as a base of your wardrobe. It’s best to get these clothing items in good quality and from brands that you trust, since we’re pretty sure you’ll reach for them most often and they will remain in your wardrobe all year long. 


Let’s start with the most controversial item on the list – shapewear. We’re not listing it because it’s something you must wear all the time. Not at all, feel free to avoid it altogether if you don’t like it. We firmly believe that people should dress in a manner that makes them feel the most comfortable. However,if you feel like perhaps you want to own it just in case, for the days that you want to embody the unrealistic ideals portrayed in Hollywood (because let’s be real, they all wear shapewear to the red carpet) here are some of the things you should look for in. First and foremost – don’t skimp on the price. While shapewear is technically an undergarment and isn’t meant to be seen, it’s meant to shape and form, while still feeling comfortable. So it’s best to splurge and buy something that is made of a durable and comfortable fabric. Another thing to look for is the sticky grippy things on the inside, that will help keep the shapewear in place and stop it from moving and rolling down.


We think jeans are essential because it’s something we reach for most days. Which style of jeans you prefer is up to you, but we’re still pretty enamored with mom jeans just because they’re so comfortable. When buying jeans make sure you try them on first, or if you’re ordering online, check that the store has a good return policy. It’s best to try out a few brands, familiarize yourself with the size ranges and once you find your favorites – invest in a few pairs of different colors or styles. We think it’s always good to have at least three pairs of jeans: black, dark blue and light denim with rips. Those three should really cover all sort of occasions. 

Black Basic T-shirt

We’re talking essentials here, so a black T is really one of those basics that you’ll reach for all the time. You want something that’s soft, not too stiff and that fits nicely. It’s also pretty important to find a black T-shirt that doesn’t lose color over time, so that you can keep wearing  and layering it with your outfits without it losing it’s shade and shape in just a few washes. 

Cropped Cardigan

Cardigans are amazing for layering your outfits, especially for those transitional times of year when the temperature changes rapidly throughout the day and you just don’t know whether to wear a t-shirt or a sweater. Cropped cardigans in particular are great for showing off your curves, since they visually cinch in your waist and elongate your legs. And they look equally good with high-waist jeans, skirts and dresses.