8 Of The Most Viral Dances on TikTok 》

Tik Tok is a vastly growing social networking app that has transformed the world — especially the world of dance, with Tik Tok being visited by users to do all sorts of new dances and styles of movement art. Movements include copying moves, and app users find joy in the ability to slow down video and audio to access slow instruction on any video that they find. Here is a detailed list of the best Tik Tok dances, if you ever find yourself on this app you’ll have the advantages of knowing its sweet twists and turns. Here are 8 of the most viral dances on Tik Tok. 

The Renegade

“The Renegade,” as Insider states, is a testament to the app’s influence on pop culture. This dance is extremely popular in the adolescent to teenage age group. It’s silly and fast-paced with easy-to-remember gestures — giving it its popularity in the younger age group.

The Blinding Light

“The Blinding Light” a song created by The Weekend, and is particularly cute because of its release close to the start of the pandemic. The music is nostalgic for the 80s and the moves are upbeat. It mostly resembles a victory dance of sorts. 


The “WAP” dance is inspired by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s song of the same name. Most have tried this one or at least seen it, as this has become a viral phenomenon. The moves are risque and of course, the popularity of the song brought many tik tokers to the challenge. If you can learn this one, you are definitely in the league of professional Tik Tokers!

Tap In

Many have heard about this and love this dance because it’s loud and in your face. Even celebrities have learned “Tap In” by Saweetie. It’s all about attitude and stage presence. With a fusion of hip hop and model moves, this dance can definitely be defined as a vibe.


The Todrick Hall “Attention” movement series is on for the real dancers — this means ballerinas, choreographers, and movement artists. This dance is one that you need to prepare for — especially because the dance was started by a trained dancer. It’s all in leg and core strength as well as pure movement skills. 

Number One Baby

The next dance is the “Number One Baby” dance and it’s fun to practice for hand-eye coordination. The simple movements make it easy to learn, in turn giving it its widespread popularity. This dance ends with the movement of cradling a baby, which is how it got its name.

The Box

This dance includes moves that have flooded TikTok videos. These dances include the handclap in front of the body, the body wave with hands in the air, and, of course, the floss. All these fun new culturally popular dances put together are called the “Box.” This dance owes its popularity to 15-year-old Charli D’Amelio Tik Tok formidable star.


This would not be a complete article about Tik Tok dances if there was no mention of “Savage” — this song became a household name in the summer of 2020. The Tik Tok dance was created by Queen Ke Ke, according to Buzzfeednews.com. This is another dance that you can easily follow along with. Each movement is broken up by two counts, and changes often, though the severity of difficulty is low. This is a dance everyone can enjoy practicing and doing with friends and family. If you are a Tik Toker — you know this dance well, and you’ve likely recorded a video of you performing it for a virtual competition. If you’re new to the app, you will soon have this one under your belt.