14 Reasons to Follow Body Positive Influencer Mik Zazon 》

Mik Zazon isn’t just a stunning IG influencer — she’s a role model when it comes to complete and total body positivity. While many fitness coaches feel superhuman and can often be tough to relate to, Mik shares her own struggles rather than trying to appear perfect on the ‘gram. 

1. Zazon has shared her struggles with three separate eating disorders. One of the lesser-known ones she’s discussed is orthorexia, which is an obsession with eating too healthy. It’s important that she shone a light on it, since many people are only aware of anorexia and bulimia, But yes, in fact, there is such a thing as being too obsessed with your health!

2. She’s sparked the #NormalizeNormal Bodies movement on social media, and is all about embracing all shapes and sizes without fitting into the small box of what society considers “beautiful.” In an interview with Shape, he said that she wanted to give space for women with all bodies — not just marginalized ones.

3. Because she hosts game-changing events like her Dear Body Virtual Retreat, which is focused on being inclusive to all women and teaching them how to be more comfortable and empowered in their own bodies. These retreats explore and practice themes such as body liberation, food freedom, and joyful movement. 

4. Because she doesn’t just post pics in the gym where she looks like a babe — she actually writes posts on her blog about how to overcome gym anxiety and fear of judgement working out in a public setting, which many women deal with on a daily basis. 

5. Because where as some body positive advocates only focused on one kind of marginalized body, Zazon focuses on all of them — she doesn’t leave anyone out and is truly inclusive in an industry that often calls itself that word, but often fails in reality. 

6. Because she’s an angel of realness. Mik wants to cut out all the fake stuff in the fitness industry and show people how to really learn and practice self-growth, honoring the truth, and just being yourself. Oh, and she’s not at all into before and afters. 

7. She’s not afraid to do lots of swimsuit content, including all kinds of hauls. A lot of plus size girls are self-conscious about being in swimsuits, and Mik finds a way to make the topic approachable and comfortable.  She often posts images of herself in a swimsuit, embracing all her hip dips, curves, and cellulite and teaching us to do the same. 

8. Because she’s here to break down the stereotype that the fitness Instagrammers you follow are inherently healthier than you. Just because someone has abs doesn’t mean that their daily habits are more mindful than yours, or that they live a “healthy lifestyle.” You can have rolls and be healthy too!

9. Because she taught us that the root of true confidence is loving yourself, and loving yourself can be a journey that takes a long time. Self-love is the foundation of so many other good things in life, and Mik helps remind us of that in her mantra-like captions and radiant photos.

10. Because she consciously took her own IG, which was previously regarded as a weight loss platform, and turned it into a safe body positivity space. That takes a lot of courage and self-reflection, which many Instagrammers don’t have.

11. She reminds us that when we say ignorant things about women in power, while those women may not hear you, all the women in your own life that influence do, including your nieces, sisters, moms, and daughters. 

12. She teaches her followers that they’re more than a BMI number, or a digit on a scale. Numbers should not be attached to serious value when it comes to weight, and having that mentality can actually cripple your mental health, overall. 

13. Because she reminds us that going to the gym doesn’t have to be your only form of fitness. Instead, it’s important to allow yourself the freedom to choose any kind of movement that’s kind to your body, as Zazon puts it. 

14. Because Mik is a beautiful reminder that mental health is a major part of physical health, and the two are more connected than we think. Even though she makes money off social media, she publicly acknowledges that it can be harmful to our brains, and she gives us the tools to enact self-care both for our brains and bodies.