12 Hottest Men In The Marvel Cinematic Universe 》

People are always talking about the most beautiful female movie characters, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no slouch either when it comes to smoldering males that make our knees buckle with one gaze. We believe that you should fully get to indulge in these hunks, in all of their ab definition, hammer-swinging, and intensely masculine dudes that we would give it all up for. Here are the ultimate hotties of the MCU.

1. Luke Cage

Luke Cage has a strong groupie fan base, and gets his shag on the most out of all the MCU guys! At least they made it realistic — how could he not, with those constantly oiled up pecs and a strength that makes bodybuilders look like pipsqueaks? Throw us around anytime, Luke!

2. Ant Man/Scott Lang

He might not be the most typically buff and sexy guy of the entire Marvel universe, but Ant Man has a relatable factor (and bod that’s still rather chiseled) offering more of an every man factor that not all of the superheroes can boast. Ant Man is proof that when it comes down to it, size really doesn’t matter.

3. Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff

Pietro is an undeniable snack, serving up ripped gym dude with a side of West Coast surfer dude. It’s not at all a bad combination — his speed is unmatched, and he wears spandex better than any man we’ve seen so far. Plus, there’s something about that bleached hair with dark, sultry eyebrows that gives us sensations.

4. T’Challa, Black Panther

While Black Panther was a moment of empowerment for crowds all over the world, it was also a parade of beautiful human beings, with the leader being T’Challa. He’s wholesome enough to bring home to mom, but has a body of iron that also looks magnificent in a tight catsuit — it’s a win-win. 

5. Peter Quill/Starlord

While his beefcake body and eye contact keep up coming back for more, Peter’s adorable sarcasm is pretty much the only other thing he has going for him. But even though he`s a handful, we still wouldn’t mind waking up next to that every morning. 

6. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk

It’s impossible for Mark Ruffalo not to be a hottie in any role he plays, but when he steps up from alternative indie boy to green monster superhero, it really makes us feel some type of way. Of course, the stripped down version of Bruce is neurotic, not a fan of tight pants, and generally hilarious, but that’s sort of what adds to his charm, at the end of the day.

7. Sam Wilson/Falcon

Falcon’s arms and hunky intensity level scream boyfriend material, and best of all, he’s one of those extremely rare hunks that isn’t as aware of his hotness as he should be. He always saves the day at the last minute, and even looks like a babe in goggles, so that has us sold. 

8. Captain America/Steve Rogers

There’s no one more vanilla than Steve. He’s blond, buff, and looks like a real-life version of an airbrushed underwear ad. But Captain America is kind of like apple pie — it’s a delicious classic every time, even though a bit predictable, and a national treasure, if we’re being honest.

9. Tony Stark/Iron Man

While he plays a classic basic bro playboy/philanthropist, under all those titles there’s a quality to him that makes you want to have ferocious lovemaking after he’s apologized for doing something annoying. While he’s flashy and cocky, it’s hard to turn down that well-groomed facial hair and dreamily toned bod. 

10. Loki 

Anyone with a penchant for slightly androgynous dudes wearing long hair will swoon over Loki. Also, anyone with eyeballs that’s seem what Tom Hiddleston looks like. The villainous brother of Thor (also a mega babe) is our bad boy choice, and both that voice and power-hungry attitude that’s intimidating while incredibly attractive. Also, we don’t mind the horn helmet.

11. Thor

If we included Loki, it only made sense to include Thor, who is the definition of hot. With those romantic golden locks, jaw-dropping ripped abs and arms, and ability to hold intense eye contact, Thor is one of the dreamiest members of the Marvel universe, and we’ll always adore him.

12. Bucky Barnes

Pre-Hydra, Bucky was a definite ladies man, with a focus on pleasing the gals and looking totally rocker chic while doing it, courtesy of long hair, a great jawline, and a metal arm. Still, he’s got a sensitive side, and we’re sure that when he bares his soul and you stare into those deep blue, ocean-like eyes, the panties will drop.