10 Trending TikTok Recipes 》

If you still think that TikTok is for teenagers doing silly dances, you’re only half right. Sure, there’s a lot of that going on, but just like any social media platform, it has various corners to it, and some of them are quite useful. There are educators on Tiktok, there are lawyers on TikTok, there are definitely accountants on TikTok ( if you know what I mean), but there’s also this part of TikTok that’s all about food and quick and delicious recipes. So here are some of the trendiest recipes we’ve come across on TikTok and we think you should try them. If there’s one thing we’re sure of it’s that TikTok recipes never let you down.

Dalgona Matcha

You might remember the dalgona coffee trend that was circulating the internet not too long ago. Well, this is its cousin, dalgona matcha. It’s green, it’s pretty, it’s tasty (if you like matcha) and it’s incredibly satisfying to look at.

Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Pancakes are already great as they are, but we’ve all seen those fluffy jiggly Japanese pancakes and we’ve been wanting to try some. TikTok is happy to supply you with a step-by-step recipe on how to make them at home and it’s quite easy.

3 Ingredient Crème Brûlée 

We’re not chefs here, so we don’t know what the standard recipe for a creme brulee entails. But we know it’s meant to be quite tricky to make. Well, TikTok has an easier version for you, and apparently, it still tastes great.

Air Fried Corn Ribs

It seems like everybody and their mom has gotten themselves an air fryer in the past year, so this recipe seems very fitting. Corn? Good. An alternative for actual ribs? Good. And it’s air-fried so way less oil. What’s not to like?

Sushi Bake

Hold your prejudices for a second. We know it sounds like a crime against real sushi, but you gotta try this. Once you do, you’ll change your mind, we promise. It’s so freaking tasty!

Sushi Wrap

There are tortilla wraps all over TikTok, but if you’re trying to stay away from eating too much bread, you should definitely try this. It’s so freaking yummy and it’s healthier for you since you’re using a nori sheet as a wrap, which has like no calories. 

Tortilla Folds

We had to include one of these, ok? It’s so simple yet it’s basically genius and it’s all over TikTok. 

Baked Feta Pasta

Homemade pasta sauce has never been this good, but then again, we don’t think an easy homemade pasta recipe has ever gone this viral before. Let’s just say it’s gone viral for a good reason. Try it. Just do it. 

Tea bomb

It’s gorgeous, it’s fun, it’s a sugar sphere with tea and flowers inside. Let’s just all agree that this is a superior way to drink tea.

Oatmeal cake

Oatmeal has never looked this good. Let’s start a breakfast revolution and make this the norm. We all deserve cake for breakfast.