10 Makeup Errors That Make You Look Tired 》

Many of us think the fix to dull or tired skin is makeup, but sometimes makeup is the thing making you look more sleepy! Additionally, if someone’s ever told you that you look tired but you have gotten your beauty rest, it could be a sign that your makeup needs an update ASAP. Luckily, there’s a fast fix to those cosmetic errors you’ve been making. Avoiding these no-nos will help you look more refreshed and awake. 

1. Your routine doesn’t begin with a moisturizer.

Dry skin makes you look tired and older. Whether you wear makeup or not, having hydrated skin will give you that youthful, rosy glow that dry skin definitely won’t. This is especially important in cold weather. No matter the season, it’s important that your hydrating cream or serum has SPF, so you can stay protected from the sun.

2. You’re not putting foundation on right

Yes, foundation can hide blemishes and make our skin look more even. But applying it the wrong way will just make you look exhausted! First off: make sure that your skin tone matches the foundation. You can ask for help when shopping for makeup, or other outside opinions. Secondly, watch out for caking on foundation, in liquid or powder form.

3. You’re wearing too much eyeliner

You would think that eyeliner generally makes your eyes pop and bring them to life, right? But wearing too much makes your eyes look tiny and tired. In fact, if you usually go with a deep black or kohl shade, it can make bloodshot eyes look way worse, especially if you’re already tired! To solve this, line the bottom lid with a lighter pencil (still darker than your skin-tone) to open the eyes up more. A white liner can accomplish the same thing.

4. You’re not wearing enough blush

You look older and sleepy when you wear too much eyeliner, but when you don’t wear enough blush, the same thing can happen! Blush gives you that natural glow and energy. The key is applying just a swipe, and right after you apply your moisturizer. For a quick wake up call, apply on the apples of the cheeks, brushing towards the hairline.

5. Wearing too much makeup

Just like not wearing enough makeup washes you out, wearing too much makeup all at once will make you look like an old drag queen or at least a very tired human being. Wearing too much contour, foundation, concealer, and highlighter will dull your natural shine. The solution is to opt for multitasking products, like a primer and a foundation infused with moisturizers or other skincare products.

6. Too much powder

Just like too much highlighter can accentuate the lines in your face, too much powder can dry you out, which in turn ages the skin and makes it look tired. Stick with creams and liquid formulas, and if you must use a powder, make it a translucent one that removes shine and blends with ease.

7. The wrong kind of undereye concealer

If you’re not using the right shade of concealer in your under-eye area, you can probably bet that it’s going to bring out under-eye bags and dark circles. Just one shade too light or dark looks startling and unnatural. When putting concealer on, always do so in a very well-lit place to get your blending on point.

8. Wearing gray makeup

It might look gorgeous in a palette, and maybe you’ve seen it in an intricate makeup tutorial online. But for most people, using makeup with any gray undertones causes your skin to look grey, which doesn’t only make you look tired, it makes you look ill! Nobody wants that in a post-COVID world…

9. Wearing silver eyeliner with warm skin, or bronze for cool tones

If you have cool skin, wearing bronze and gold liner will make you look sick and tired. However, if you have warm tones, wearing a silver-hued liner gives the same effect. Basically, learn whether you have cool or warm skin, and choose that liner or shadow accordingly. 

10 Choosing the wrong shade of red for your lip

The best red to choose is a “pure” red apparently! This means not too much orange or blue in it, but a bright, solid red. This looks sophisticated on a range of skin tones, and can quickly brighten up dull skin and give your face life again – it’s the epitome of beauty and class. It’s also a useful hack if you don’t want to wear blush.