10 Celebrity Couples Who Gave Their Love a Second Chance 》

Sometimes, a breakup just clarifies things in a good way, rather than being a final ending. It helps you figure out your priorities and grow as an individual more consciously before entering a partnership. Sometimes, a breakup is just a difficult chapter that a couple has to go through before they find their way back to each other. Here are the top 10 inspiring celebrity couples who reminded us that if the rough patches don’t break you, they end up providing a magical second chance.  

1. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

How could we start this roundup with anyone other than these Gigli co-stars? After dating in 2002 and breaking off an engagement in 2004, these two have miraculously found their way back tog each other almost 20 years later, with a romantic trip in Montana. When true love is meant to be, even multiple decades can’t stop that flame from being rekindled. 

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2. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

They might be married now, but Bieber was dealing with a ton of issues when they got together. They briefly dated from 2015 to 2016, and the breakup wasn’t exactly friendly. But then, in 2018, they reconciled and had their nuptials in 2019. After giving each other both time to mature on their own, they were able to create a strong foundation for a relationship.

3. Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo

These two won the genetic lottery, but their love story wasn’t always blessed from the start. The VS model and Maroon 5 singer first got together nearly a decade ago, and broke up in 2013. They both quickly realized that this was not the right decision, and by 2014, Levine proposed to Behati. Today, they have 2 daughters, and seem to be in an endless honeymoon phase.

4. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

Before they gave birth to a beautiful little girl, this relationship was a rollercoaster. Through multiple breakups and reconciliations between 2016 and 2018, no one really knew where fate would leave these two. Even though Zayn had to work through personal issues before they got back together, the secret was “respect and adoration” which ultimately led them to the happy place they’re in now, sharing a child and successful marriage. 

5. Pink and Carey Hart

We will always ship this rocker couple — there’s really no one more badass. But the motocross racer and rock star haven’t always had a picture perfect life. They met in 2001, stopped dating in 2003, and then had a dramatic reconciliation that involved Pink proposing to Hart in 2005 during a motocross race. What a boss babe move! They got married in Costa Rica the following year, and although they briefly separated again in 2008 after working hard at marriage counselling they got back together in 2010, and had their first child together. 

6. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

We’ve been closely following this beautiful couple for years, and the up-and-down path that they’ve been on. They dated for 4 years up until 2011, but the breakup was amicable. After only a few months apart, they couldn’t stand it, and got back together just months later, even getting engaged the same year. In 2015, Jessica gave birth to Silas, their first child. The two have been inseparable ever since. 

7. Rose Leslie and Kit Harinton

These two co-stars became real-life lovers after they realized that the chemistry was undeniable. While they attempted to date in 2012, it fizzled out after a few months. But after 2 years of nothing, they reconciled in 2014, eventually announcing their engagement and getting married in 2018. Turns out they needed to become best friends before they made it official as lovers. 

8. Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid

When this Friends alum got divorced from David Arquette, she faced a tough journey ahead. But then she met Johnny McDaid, who healed all those wounds. They broke off their engagement a year after announcing it in 2014, and McDaid ultimately moved to the UK. The two ended up back together after realizing that they each had to become better people (individually) in order to be better romantic partners to each other. 

9. Prince William and Kate Middleton

Yup, one of the world’s most famous couples even went through a break and came out the other side stronger than ever. William and Kate met in University, but then broke up in 2007 during a vacation. They realized they were very young at the time of starting their relationship, and having that space for personal growth and development really allowed them to value each other and realize they were soulmates.

10. Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma 

The Younger star and Matthew Koma first came out as a couple in 2017, but broke up after only a few months. They eventually reunited and got married in 2019. Sharing 2 children together. In an IG post, Hilary called Matthew “My best friend, lover, and papa bear that can not be rivaled… it’s always been you.” So sweet!